While spending my time in Borrego Springs, Ca, I was informed by the keeper of the Borrego Springs Hotel to go check out “The Slot”. After taking my street car for a 3 mile journey in the desert sand, I found Slot Canyon. It is truly a walk through time.
The Slot 02142016_115303_E-5_02273.jpg 02142016_115422_E-5_02258.jpg 02142016_120837_E-5_02192.jpg 02142016_120942_E-5_02186.jpg 02142016_121026_E-5_02177.jpg 02142016_121026_E-5_02177-HDR.jpg 02142016_121129_E-5_02172.jpg 02142016_121339_E-5_02151.jpg 02142016_121509_E-5_02143.jpg 02142016_121550_E-5_02138.jpg 02142016_121718_E-5_02125.jpg 02142016_122029_E-5_02111.jpg 02142016_123108_E-5_02090.jpg 02142016_123455_E-5_02083.jpg 02142016_124224_E-5_02068.jpg
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